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What are the Part-Time Job Opportunities in Indian Cities?

India is fast growing in IT, manufacturing, engineering and automobile industries. The growth in these sectors does not mean individual growth, but it leads to development of whole Indian economy. There are large number of opportunities including online businesses, individuals, and also all metropolitan cities in India like Delhi, Kolkata, Bombay, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Vizag. This is the reason that these cities are well known for employment opportunity, they provide people in and around the country. These cities are hub of businesses, so anyone can find a cluster of jobs in India.

Part Time Jobs
There are several job opportunities for programmers and developers, website development, web designing, and numerous other part time online jobs in India for those who are looking to supplement their extra income in their free time. Nowadays everyone spending most of their time at computer with Internet connection, so it is easy for them to start online income though marketing and writing you can easily find online jobs in India, and still maintain your same home address and your position. There are plenty of online businesses, whereby you can find it through various portals that will lead you directly to the field of your choice.

All skillful candidates can easily grab these online opportunities. Candidates can work these jobs through Internet, there are many different career employment portals are available on Internet where you can find all kind of job listing and job opportunities sorted by all cities in India, but posting your resume on different career development portals only is not best solution to find a job. Due to globalization, competitiveness is increasing day by day so part time jobs in India great opportunity for extra income. Nowadays obtaining a good job with good salary is a dream for every one. There are so many work from home jobs available in the market, which results in more chances to get the job. The only thing is require is to approach right job match to your profile.

There are so many people especially housewives, retired persons, and students are seeking to make additional income in their free time by working online part time jobs in India. If fed-up with busy traffic jams, jealous co-workers, and rude boss, who takes credit for all of your work, then these opportunities may find you like being your own boss, setting your own working hours, while staying within the comfort of your home. Participate in online surveys and help the companies or organizations and also earn some money. Online surveys are one of the best ways to make extra income in your free time. These online paid surveys will bring you steady income.

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Best Sites in India to Start Part Time Jobs?

How to earn extra money from mobile with paid SMS Jobs

Earn extra money in India for reading SMS on your mobile as well as checking e-mails. It's a new concept to make extra income with our mobiles without any investment. You will earn some money for each SMS and e-mail you receive. In these sites you will earn by reading SMS and e-mails, just you need to check them and can delete. You can earn even more by inviting others. There is no limit you can as many as you can. The more members you refer, the more money you earn.

I am providing you only sites that are paying genuinely for the past several years. You don't need to sell or buy anything to earn from these sites. Remember that you will not become rich overnight with these sites. Use these sites for extra income only. These partime SMS jobs can be done from all over India including Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata.

What are the best sites in India to start part time jobs?


PaisaLive allows you to earn money for checking e-mails. You will get paid Rs. 99/- instantly for just joining. PaisaLive also pays you some daily bonus when you login to your account daily. You need to login to your PaisaLive Account every 24 hours to credit your account with a login incentive. You can earn from Rs. 0.25 to Rs. 1.00 for checking each SMS or e-mail. They will also pay Rs. 2 to Rs. 50 for each referral. They send payments via Cheque and Paypal. Payments will be issued by the 15th of every month.


YouMint is India's best Online Rewards Program. If you looking for part time jobs in India, it is one of the best sites in India. Here can send Free SMS, earn for receiving promos, earn for growing your network, earn through the YouMint Cash Offers. Over 80 Lakh Indian members have already joined in this site. Upon joining you will get free coupons worth rupees 2500. Here in site we can send free SMS to any mobile in India. Also you can recharge your mobile for free. You will be rewarded each time you refer new member to this site.


mGinger is one of the best sites to earn extra income from your mobile phone. You will receive ads at your convenience only. You will get paid 20 paisa for every ad you view and 10 paisa for every ad your referral review. Once you accumulate Rs. 300 you can receive your payment. There are several mobile games available to download for free. Once you sign-up, you can refer others. They pay Rs. 2 for every valid referral who joins mGinger through your referral link.


ViewBestAds is the only online earning while learning concept of the world which is absolutely free to join.  They are already having 7.5 lack members worldwide. They pay Rs. 200 instantly on joining this site. ViewBestAds pays Rs. 50 for each member you refer to this site, on top of this you can gain general knowledge, play games, read news, and participate in quiz. Once you register, you will get ads which match with profile. ViewBestAds share more than 35% of revenue for users.

Monday, 3 June 2013

List of Best Part Time Online Jobs in India

List of available Part Time Online Jobs in India

There are several genuine online part-time jobs available for Indians. Here is the list of partime jobs for all cities in India including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata.

Part Time Paid to Click Jobs in India

PTC is one of the easy earn money for Indians. Simply these paid to click sites pay money for viewing ads. These sites works as middlemen between advertisers and consumers. The advertiser pays for displaying ads on the these sites and this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisements. Do remember that you can only have one account in each site, you cannot hold more than one account with same IP address or same computer. Every site displays some number of ads on a daily basis, which we have to click everyday in order to earn the money. You simply click on advertisements and view for some period of time usually 10 to 30 seconds to earn money.

Mostly each PTC sites pays from 0.01 to 0.05 cents for each advertisement. Your earnings will be paid once you reach the minimum payout limit, usually from 0.1$ to $10. The key to success in PTC sites is direct referrals, so it depends on the numbers of referrals you have. You need more active referrals to earn more, but it takes a while to get more referrals. The referral is a person who joins a PTC site through your referral links. Generally you will get 20-100% of your referral earnings, depending on each site. There are two types of referrals direct referrals and rented referrals.

Register only Best PTC Sites. There are 1000s of scammed PTC sites. There are very few legitimate PTC sites, so when you work with these sites staying away from scammed sites is most important thing, do some research on these sites since many of them are scam. Most of Bux sites are scams. When compare to Bux sites Aurora sites are much better. There are several forced investment PTC sites. If any site asks you to invest in order to receive your payments, it may be a scammed site.

Earning example
You click 10 ads per day, each ad brings you $0.01.  Suppose if you have 20 referrals who click 10 ads per day = $2.00, so your daily earnings = $2.10 and Your monthly earnings = $63.00 for one site.
If you join 10 Legit PTC Sites then your monthly earnings = $63.00 X 10 = $630.00.

Part Time Data Entry Typing Jobs in India

Earn money in India by typing Captcha. There are many websites that offering Captcha entering work, but there are very few websites paying genuinely. So, be careful as there are a lot of scam Captcha entering websites. Here I am mentioning the site, which I have already worked for several years and receiving payments on regular basis. Earning money by entering Captchas is very easy. You only need to reenter the specified word. How much you can earn with Captcha entering totally depends on your typing speed. You can enter either lower or upper case words. Make sure that you are not entering too many errors. If you enter errors continuously, it may lead to temporarily suspend you account from that site. Read the rules before proceeding.

ProTypers is one of best site that have been paying for long time now. Here you just need to signup and start entering Captchas and earn money. This is absolutely free, no need to pay any registration fee. They are accepting members from all over the world. You will be paid from $1.00 to $1.50 for every 1000 Captcha entries depending on the hours you’re working. You can do this work as a part time or full time basis. You can receive your payments through Paypal, Checks, Webmoney, or Liberty Reserve. The minimum payout is only $3. Once you log-in you can find their hourly payout rates chart in the dashboard. You can find more details in their Statistics page. Here in ProTypers, you can work at anytime of the day.

Earn Part Time Money by Sharing Links in India

Make part time money online by sharing links to social media, forums, blogs, and many more. Sharing links is a common thing that we do daily while surfing the net. We share many links with our friends, family members, and others everyday. Paid sharing links will open with some advertisement and we will get paid for seeing that advertisement. These are several types sharing links such as top banner ad, side banner ad, or intermission ad, etc. Most of us will use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Sharing links on Facebook and Twitter is now very easy. Daily you may be sharing a lot of links with your friends, but with paid sharing links you can make some extra money online daily what you are already doing.

This would be a great online part time job in India. Although it is more beneficial for Blog owners, without owning a site also can earn with sharing your favorite links. You can share any kind of links like a website or blog links, may be a video link, or an image link. When someone click or open your paid links then you will get paid for those links. You can start earning with paid sharing links without any investment and it is absolutely free. There is no restriction on how much you earn. The more you share the more you earn. You can convert your favorite website links into paid sharing links and then send them to everyone by e-mail or in other ways.

They are few legit sites online paying for sharing links. Once you sign-up with these sites you will receive a verification link, click on that verification link to activate your account. Once you log in you can find create links, manage links, and your earnings, etc. The amount you earn will be depends on how many people visit your shared links and also what kind of ads are being shown. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal and other payment processors once reach the minimum payout.

Online Part Time Paid Surveys in India

Paid Surveys are great way to make money in your free time without any investment in India. There are thousands of paid surveys websites out there, but unfortunately most of them are scam survey websites. Here you can find the genuine online survey sites. The following are the best paid surveys and that are paying for several years now. If you are interested in part time jobs below mentioned paid survey sites will be helpful to you. Remember you will not get rich with this type of sites and it is only used for part time income only.

Survey Savvy is one of the best paid survey sites for Indians. Here you can get $3 per survey sometimes more than that. Before you can take the actual survey, you need to go through qualification survey. Even if you don’t pass the qualification survey, you will be entered into a monthly drawing to thank you for your time. They draw 50 members and each one will receive $10.

CashCrate offers different ways to earn money including paid surveys, completing offers and tasks, shopping online, and other activities. CashCrate is a legitimate survey website that has been paying since 2006 with over 2 million members worldwide. The minimum balance is $20 to cashout. If you don’t get many surveys you can still earn more money by referring other members to the site. Some of their affiliates are earning more than $1,000 per month by referring other members.

InboxDollars is a well-established survey website that has been paying since 2000.  In this site you can earn money for taking surveys, completing offers and tasks, paid to read emails, play games, search, and other activities. The minimum balance of $30 required to request a check. Once you receive your first payment then you will become a gold member. Gold members will receive payments in less than 30 days. Before you sign-up read the terms of service carefully.

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